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Celebration of Spirit (2007)

Celebration of Spirit (2007)

Kirk Clark’s book, Celebration of Spirit, chronicles the almost obsessive attention to art in three generations of the Clark family. For the Clarks, collecting, creating and sharing art is the center and expression of life. Clark is a wonderful story teller, and his book provides glimpses of his parent’s fantastic collecting trips to Europe, his father’s influence on the family, and the the growth of the family business in the automobile industry in McAllen, Texas.
Most importantly, the story relates the entire family’s drive to make their legacy one of artistic giving and the expression of joy in life. As well as being the personal growth story of South Texas’ most respected and philanthropic businessman and artist, the book is certain to be a collector’s item itself, once again repeating the family tradition of artistic renewal.

Perhaps one could say that the connective thread from one generation to the next of the Clark family is their willingness to take risks with their artwork and their aesthetic values. Whatever the case, it is certainly apparent that in all three generations, there is the audacity and tenacity for both collecting and creating, a drive that can be defined as a divine motion.
–Yvonamor Palix, curator of “Celebration of Spirit”
The beautifully assembled book captures the story of the Clark family, family photographs, full-color artwork and poetry by Kirk Clark, a fascinating interview with Mr. Clark by Yvonamor Palix conducted via email, essays by Thom Wheeler and Anne Clark, and gallery photographs of the Celebration of Spirit exhibit at the International Museum of Art and Science’s newly renovated Charles and Dorothy Clark gallery in March of 2006. A Spanish language version of the text is also included. 140 pages.
First printing: 2007
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